Vibrational Therapy

During every massage or body sculpting session you are bathed in relaxing vibrations and soothing music, which melts away stress.

Feeling the music with your entire body not just hearing it with your ears, you will experience sound in a new and deeper way.

Vibrations and music are projected up through the massage table and into your body.

Saturating your body with healing vibrations and soothing music integrates the benefits at a cellular level.

Combining these vibrational and musical wellness therapies with massage, enhances muscle relaxation and reduces stress well beyond what massage alone can achieve.

By the end of your session, you will feel balanced, peaceful and rejuvenated.

Vibrational therapy triggers the Relaxation Response to:

  • melt away stress
  • decrease muscle tension
  • soothe nervous system
  • balance mind and body
  • lower blood pressure and heart rate
  • detoxify cells, reduce acidity and increase oxygenation
  • calm the stomach
  • achieve a deeper breathing pattern
  • promote a peaceful mood

Certain vibrational frequencies:

  • induce various brainwave states
  • clear emotional blockages
  • balance the chakras
  • enhance meditation practices
  • address specific physical disorders

Let Richard know if you want to incorporate any of these specific benefits into your session.