What is Radio Frequency?
Radio frequency (RF) is electromagnetic energy, used in a variety of medical and alternative treatments for more than 75 years.

How does radio frequency (electromagnetic energy) work on skin?
Using a low power level and specific radio frequency energy encourages a natural “wound healing response” and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in skin. This tightens and skin and gives skin more elasticity.

Why use radio frequency to tighten skin?
Compared to other skin tightening treatments such as laser resurfacing and chemical peels, the major difference is that the epidermis or outer skin layer is not targeted or damaged in any way.
The radio frequency electromagnetic energy passes through the outer layer of the skin and heats the deeper skin layers. The body’s natural response to this stimulation causes beneficial changes with resultant tightening of your skin. We integrate RF into each fat reduction session to tighten skin after the loss of fat cells.
For neck tightening and face smoothing and lifting, a series of treatments using radio frequency alone is generally recommended.

Will RF be painful?
In medical RF treatments, which we do not do, the level of pain depends upon the settings used.
Our equipment is designed to emit less energy, which then requires more passes of the treatment head over the targeted area. With our safe approach, most persons feel some heating, but no pain. Your technician can reduce the power setting if you feel uncomfortable with the level of heat if there is any pricking sensation at all.

Will I have any scars?
The risk of scars is very small. Make sure to let your technician know of any skin sensitivity of any discomfort during treatment, so as to best protect your skin.

What are typical RF adverse effects?
Short term skin redness immediately following the session is common. Some patients may experience short term swelling of the treated area and very temporary numbness of their skin.