FEATURES What We Do – UC with RF** Laser Assist Weight Loss Medical Cool Sculpt Surgical
FEATURERELEASES FATTY ACIDS What We DoYES Laser Assist Weight LossYES Medical Cool SculptYES SurgicalYES
FEATUREREMOVES FAT CELLS What We DoYES Laser Assist Weight LossNO Medical Cool SculptYES SurgicalYES
FEATURESMOOTH RESULTS What We DoYES Laser Assist Weight LossYES Medical Cool SculptMAYBE SurgicalSCARS
FEATUREFACE & NECK LIFT What We DoYES Laser Assist Weight LossNO Medical Cool SculptNO SurgicalYES
FEATURERECOVERY PERIOD What We DoNO Laser Assist Weight LossNO Medical Cool Sculpt2 Months Surgical2 Months
AVG PACKAGE COST / BODY AREA What We Do$1,200 Laser Assist Weight Loss$1,550 Medical Cool Sculpt$3,000-4,000 Surgical$5,000-6,000

        ** Ultrasound Cavitation with Radio Frequency
        See FAQ’s for further comparison information

How is Ultrasonic Cavitation different from other fat reduction procedures?

Liposuction is done under anesthesia with the usual dangers of surgery. The recovery period is about two months and can be quite painful.
If a significant amount of fat is removed, a second ‘tummy tuck’ surgery to tighten up loose skin may be necessary.

Cool Sculpting freezes fat cells during the session and the damaged cells then flush out of the body over time. It can leave uneven or lumpy results, and the skin is not tightened.
Cool Sculpting may be painful during and for a short while after the session. It takes two to three months to see full results.

Laser Assisted Weight Loss is non-surgical and safely releases stored fats from cells for inch loss.
The cells remain undamaged and so can fill up again, similar to losing weight through dieting then packing it back on again in the same place.
Laser Assisted Weight Loss is a safe, multiple session non-invasive procedure that drains fat cells for inch loss.
Since the fat cells remain undamaged are still in place to fill up again, periodic follow up sessions may be desirable.

Ultrasound Cavitation is non-invasive and safe. There is no anesthesia, no pain, no recovery time and no scars. It permanently flushes out fat cells in a targeted area using multiple sessions.
A portion of each session is devoted to tightening skin using Radio Frequency, often with immediate measurable inch loss results.
Since Ultrasonic Cavitation permanently removes the fat cells, clients are not likely to regain inches in the targeted area.

Changing Your Lifestyle
With each of these four methods to reduce inches, if you do not change your life style you will likely to keep the same scale weight, the same amount of unwanted fat overall. If it cannot go where the fat was removed, it will simply distribute to different parts of your body. In the case of Weight Assisted Weight Loss, it will most likely go back in the same place.

The ideal candidate for any one of these methods will turn it into a win-win situation. They will use the inch loss as a motivation to reduce calories and eat more healthily, plus engage in enough exercise to encourage the body to burn excess fat, rather than store it.