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Safe and Quick Results – Non-Surgical and No Recovery Time
Completely Painless – No needles, No chemicals, All Natural – No Down Time

Ultrasound Cavitation is non-surgical, using low-frequency ultrasound waves.
The ultrasound pulsing treatment of the targeted area creates bubbles in the liquid that surrounds every fat cell. The bubbles expand then implode, much like a blown soap bubble which grows larger then bursts. The thin, delicate membranes of fat cells cannot withstand the sudden suction created by the implosions and easily break down. This permanently damages the cellular structure and releases stored fats and toxins.

Precise frequency and low power cavitation does not harm the more robust membranes of muscle, nerve, vascular and other tissue.

Ultrasound Cavitation liquefies the contents of fat cells, releasing an emulsification composed of the newly damaged cell structure and triglycerides and fatty acids into the interstitial fluid which surrounds the cells. This fluid is then metabolized in the usual way: water soluble glycerol is absorbed by the circulatory system and used as an energy source; the insoluble, free fatty acids are transported to the liver and processed the same way as are fatty acids from food.

During your session, the pumping action of cavitation pushes much of the newly released cellular structure and contents directly into your lymphatic system, allowing your body to quickly flush a good deal of the released fat substance out of your body. The body continues flushing over the next 3-4 days, losing more of that unwanted stubborn fat and with loss of inches in the targeted area.

Areas we can target are abdomen, bra line, upper arms, thighs, saddlebags, throat. Any areas with stubborn pockets of fat. We do not do breast reductions or lifting.

This device also utilizes Radio Frequency on your body and face for tightening, toning and firming of skin, stimulation of collagen growth, and reduction of cellulite. RF works to tighten skin over a targeted area which has been cavitated.

One of the target areas could be your face and neck. Excellent results in most cases create a natural face-lift.


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