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Hands down the best deep tissue massage I have ever had. Innovative and intense. Richard is a master in his art! I totally recommend his services to anyone seeking a truly therapeutic experience.

Wonderful! Great knowledge of skin care.

Richard thank you for the great massage. I look forward to coming back soon and you’ll see my husband today!

The massage was so good I was in disbelief when my 90 minutes was up! My girlfriend and I both really enjoyed our massages here and would definitely recommend him.

I already have another appointment.

I made another appointment before leaving. That, alone, says that it was worth it.

Fantastic facial, products and person! I am more educated about skin care and plan a lot more years of healthy skin as a result. Highly recommended.

This was the best massage I have ever gotten.

Richard gave an awesome massage and was very professional.

Richard was very personable as well as professional. After my massage I truly felt great. I would definitely recommend Richard’s services to all.

Richard was excellent and truly cares about his clients wellbeing. Will definitely recommend him.

Thank you, I was very pleased with my massage and facial and all of your helpful advice.

Tao Chi Massage, the best massage in Stuart, Florida.

Absolute BEST massage ever!

Thanks, Richard! It was great getting to know you. What a workout for my muscles! I appreciate all of the education as well.

Thank You for the deep tissue massage and all the other advice on natural remedies.

Absolutely perfect relaxation massage.
Thank you so much.

Complete muscle relaxation and back pain relieve!

Richard was super! I received true massage therapy from a master in his field. I will return.

Richard was incredibly pleasant and professional from the moment I walked into his business. He is talented at what he does and offers a wide range of services. I plan to return to him. I give him high marks.

Fabulous! I do not know how you do it… go that deep without pain. You are really good at what you do!

Last session blew me away!

I feel loose as a goose!

Stopped my withdrawal symptoms cold!
(Had been on addictive pain killers for almost a year, following an injury, and had just gone cold turkey.)

Last session was fantastic, not sore after.

Big difference in day-to-day.
Legs are better, great after foot massage last session.

Doing quite well, feeling a lot better all the time.

Feeling much better. I’ve had massages all over the world, in resorts in Thailand and Mexico, and yours are the most penetrating and relaxing, the best!

Sciatica is gone.

No sciatica. No pain in right side.
(Client had experienced constant pain since age 15 auto accident.)

(Client came to me with significant life stress and tight musculature.)

Awesome massage
(Nurse and Massage School Instructor)

You are the only one who helps my sciatica.

You have great hands.

Neck much better. Right knee is better.
(Client had greatly restricted range of motion in neck, plus right knee injury)

Right foot and left shoulders are better.
(Ranked in Top 10 nationwide, tennis singles and doubles. Regular client who uses massage to heal, and to increase range of motion.)

Forehead is smoother, neck is tighter and lifting, cheek wrinkles finer.

Neck is better, and range of motion left arm stayed increased.

Less tense during the week.

Lower back no longer spasms. Best Massage Therapist in Florida.

Right arm is much better, all week long.
(Client came to me with chronic pain in both arms, and essential tremors. After repeated sessions, both arms are pain free, with much greater range of motion. Tremors are lessened.)

Doing well. Massage is helping a lot.
(Client had right knee replacement, and came to me with a deteriorating left knee. After many sessions, her weight is distributed evenly on both feet when walking, and pain is nearly gone from both knees)

Off pain meds for 2 days now, doing much better.

If you are looking for pain treatment, I totally recommend Richard’s services.

(Excerpts from several session notes and communications received from my clients)