Prices for Services and Appointments

Massage & Skin Care

A Relaxation massage is Oriental oil-free or Swedish with oil.
May include a Deep Facial Cleanse

A Therapeutic massage is Oriental oil-free only.
May include a Deep Facial Cleanse

Sessions begin on the Energy Mat to soften muscles and reduce resistance to pressure, then move to the massage table.

First Session: $60
Regular Price: $75
Monthly Client Price: $60

All Sessions are 75 minutes

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Or Phone 772-219-9171

If you are getting a massage, DO NOT fill out the Consent for Treatment.

Body & Face Sculpting

Trial Session is $60
12 Session Package is $1200

Sessions are 1-1/4 hours


If you wish to discuss any concerns or your body sculpting goals before booking your initial trial appointment, please call Richard at 772-219-9171.

When ready to set the initial appointment:

Download and complete the CONSENT FOR TREATMENT.

Please arrive at your initial session 15 minutes early to review the Consent For Treatment with your Certified and Trained Technician.

Cancellations Policy

Please cancel just as soon as you realize you will not be able to come.
Thank you for being considerate. Richard

Privacy Policy

All client information and session notes are treated confidentially. Client information is never passed to others, except when required by law.