Massage Therapy – Conditions Treated

These and similar painful conditions usually result from a strain sustained during physical activity, or from surgery to correct an underlying condition, such as a bone spur or torn muscle or tendon.

A Tao Chi massage can increase range of motion and function while significantly reducing the pain.

Neck and Shoulder Pain

deep tissue massage for painful neck

Neck and Shoulder Pain: may be caused by working conditions such as sitting at a computer, strains from sudden movements, accidents or excessive workouts, emotional stress, arthritic deposits, misalignment of spine.

Massage can release excess muscle tension and reduce pain in the area.

Chronic Back Pain

deep tissue massage for chronic back pain

Chronic Back Pain: caused by nerves which are squeezed or abraded by arthritis or compressed discs, severe strains or tears with resulting scar tissue, scoliosis.

Massage releases tight muscles, to reduce pain and increase motion.


deep tissue massage for lower back pain

Sciatica: irritation of the sciatic nerve, anywhere from the nerve roots as they exit from the spinal cord, to localized pressing on the nerve from adjacent muscles all along the path of the nerves from lower back to ankle. mostly felt in the buttock and thigh areas, sometimes is present along with low back pain.

Massage is often quite effective.

Frozen Shoulder

Massage Therapy for Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder: severe strain to complex shoulder muscles and tendons may cause the shoulder to self-limit range of motion in order to avoid pain.
Purposeful massage can release tight muscles and tendons, to allow for greater movement with less pain.

Plantar Fasciitis

deep tissue massage for painful plantar fasciitis

Plantar Faciitis: pain at the front of the heel, from running on hard surfaces.

Massage on the bottom of the feet and also the shins and calves.

Calves and Shin Splints

therapeutic massage for painful calves and shin splints

Calves and Shin Splints: inflammation in calves often due to extreme workouts, and tears in the muscle fibers along the inner tibia (lower major leg bone).

Massage that softens these muscles and releases the pain can provide excellent relief.

Tennis Elbow

therapeutic massage for painful tennis elbow

Tennis Elbow: inflammation at the rounded end of the humerus bone at the elbow. Softening of the upper and forearm muscles which attach to that bone area is helpful. Temporary cessation of the physical activity which lead to the painful condition is recommended.

Sports Injuries

deep tissue therapeutic sports massage

Sports Injuries: may occur anywhere, caused by strains, over-extension of muscles and joints, impacts. Ice to reduce swelling, heat to promote circulation, rest of the area to allow healing, and massage to release pain and reduce muscle contraction.

Knee Injury

Massage Therapy for Knee Pain

Knee Injury: may result in swelling and pain. Light massage to reduce swelling and loosen tight muscles which may pull on the knees is often helpful. Ice at home to control swelling and pain until healed.