Whole Body Vibration


Did you know that traditional exercise only works the voluntary muscles, which are about 45% of the muscles in the body?

The whole body vibration machine activates all your muscles, both voluntary and involuntary, for a first time ever total body workout.

Create a firm and toned, cellulite-free, strong-to-your-core body, in just 10 minutes, 3 times a week.

Delivers rapid muscle development and a whole body detox.
It is the safest, most effective and easiest exercise you could imagine.
Improve strength, balance, endurance and flexibility for a fit and toned body.
Use it three times per week for excellent results!

• Experience an increase in blood circulation and lymph drainage, to oxygenate and detox your body.
• Improve function of the intestinal tract. Reduce bladder incontinence.
• Increase elasticity and tighten skin. Decrease cellulite.
• Tone and strengthen the core muscles.
• Regain mobility after injury or if elderly.

You will improve your strength, balance, endurance and flexibility without having to spend hours each week in the gym or training. And there is no soreness the next day!

Individuals who are diabetic, have fibromyalgia or peripheral neuropathy, have osteoporosis, are incontinent or have difficulty maintaining balance, often experience significant improvement of these and other debilitating conditions.

Whole Body Vibration

How It Works

The whole body vibration machine activates all your muscles, both voluntary and involuntary, for a first time ever total body workout!

Health Benefits

• Strengthen the heart
• Tone involuntary muscles
• Detox body and flush toxins
• Increase bone density
• Regain mobility and balance
• Increase flexibility
• Extend range of motion
• Improve coordination
• Improve skin health and appearance
• Improve digestion and elimination
• Increase blood circulation
• Improve cellular oxygenation
• Activate the lymphatic system
• Improve sedentary persons’ overall health
• Relax and de-stress
• Re-educate neural pathways
• Strengthen and improve posture
• Boost levels of testosterone
• Increase levels of natural HGH
• Reduce back pain and stiffness

Therapy and Treatment

Whole body vibration often improves function of unhealthy conditions. Here is a listing of debilitating conditions for which benefits have been reported:

• Osteoporosis
• Diabetes
• Neuropathy
• Parkinson’s
• Fibromyalgia
• Incontinence
• Chronic fatigue
• Arthritis
• Low level inflammation
• Mobility and balance
• Restless legs

Fitness Benefits

• Increase muscle strength
• Grow larger muscles
• Increase muscle endurance
• Enhance rapid reflexes
• Improve sports performance


• Lose weight and inches
• Increase skin elasticity and tone
• Increase muscle definition
• Lift butt and breasts
• Smooth skin after liposuction
• Keep skin tight while losing weight
• Stimulate skin collagen production
• Increase circulation for beautiful skin tone
• Reduce cellulite and tighten thighs