Swanson Skin Care

Swanson has a premium-ingredient, very affordable skin care line. There is no compromise here: just quality and value.

Below are the Swanson products I personally use and also recommend to my clients.
I chose Cleansers with Tea Tree Oil because Tea Tree Oil kills fungus, bacteria and viruses.
The Moisturizing Blend is the one I use on my clients and myself.

Put a small dab from each of the products into one of your palms and then dribble in some toner.  Carefully rub your palms together to blend ingredients, then smoothly apply to your face and neck. Rub remaining blend onto the backs of your hands and forearms.

If your skin is very dry, you might add the Argan Oil Night Cream to the Moisturizing Blend.

To open the Swanson web site in a new tab, click on the Swanson image below.

To view ingredients and price, copy a product number from one of the products below on this page and paste it into Swanson’s search box.

Face Skin Care – Cleansing

Body Skin Care

Swanson Body Skin Care

Face Skin Care – Moisturising Blend