Healthy Tips

From time to time we will add new tips for healthy living.

Whole Body Vibration builds strong muscles and pumps toxic cellular waste out of the body. This is the only exercise is know of which also strengthens involuntary muscles, such as the muscles that hold urine in the bladder.
Check out the many health benefits of this exercise equipment.
Currently, the Crazy Fit and Axis-Plate machines sold at offer excellent value.

The Swanson Skin Care product line is 98% natural and so very affordable. Purchase a year’s supply of facial product for about $100!
Click on the tab to see all the products I use for a deep cleanse facial.

The Clarisonic skin care brush cleanses deep, plus tightens facial skin to shrink facial pores and vibrate cellular waste and toxins by activating the lymph system.
I have had my brush for 8 years, going strong. Click on the tab to see the model I recommend to my facial clients.

Click here to learn about SHANTUNG, Grandmaster of Mixed Martial Arts and Doctor of Oriental Medicine.

Whole Body Vibration
Swanson Skin Care